Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Warm Welcome & Introduction

Hello and I would first like to thank you for reading this post. Let me introduce this blog with a little bit about myself. I am a 16 year old who attends college and spends a lot of time thinking about the world. My understanding of the world is shaped through my logical, rational and skeptical thinking and I believe valid judgements can only be made with scientific and empirical evidence and not merely through the application of faith and religion. I am young, curious and still have a lot to learn, but I want to share my thoughts and views with as many people as I can.

As the sub title says this blog will cover topics on atheism, skepticism and science, these are extremely broad subjects which allows for an open and diverse blog. Each week I will post a blog discussing a question, topic, news piece or something which I feel is relevant and it will be available every Wednesday morning. I aim to make this blog not just simply me expressing my views but a community where everyone can share their opinions as well. So feel free to comment on posts, whether you disagree, want to share an alternative view or offer feedback, please do. I thought I would keep this post short and to the point but the weekly blog will have more depth and substance to it.  

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