Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Should Trees Have Rights?

Okay so this post is not like the normal posts about atheism, science or skepticism. I have an interest in Philosophy and this is my response to a Philosophical competition question entitled 'Should trees have rights?' in which the response had to be 180 words or less. Don't worry I am not saying trees have feelings! Here it is:

Trees do have rights to an extent, they have rights given by humans, legal rights protecting them. But these are not personal rights for the trees, they are rights that inhibit our actions towards the tree. Trees are vital for the existence of us humans and so we need to protect them in order to maintain our existence. These rights are man-made and artificial created and applied by humans to maintain society and the environment in what we believe to be a humane way. The ecological balance of nature requires no human rights to be implemented, it works prefect on its own from the subatomic level to the global scale. The very rights that protect trees allow for their destruction. But trees like everything in the world are protected by the fundamental laws of science and nature and these are the rights that are important to trees. 

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